New Album Demo


Finally the demo tracks for the next album are done.
This is the blueprint for our next album. Hopefully we will be able to record these songs next year.


It’s true we already have 3 or 4 albums worth of songs written. (That is mostly music part and the lyrics will be written later)

After “Nabeshima” album, we can continue that “Japanese Traditional” direction and make another “Ancient Samurai” record.


But we decided not to do that this time.
We want to make a fun record. Straightforward 1980’s style hard rock album, that is easy to understand and full of fun.
Because probably “Nabeshima” was a bit hard to understand for some people.
(We will make “Ancient Samurai” album sometime later.)

We want to make young, fresh, energetic, fun record once more.
Because that’s our identity as a garage metal band in a modern day Japan. We play 1980’s metal mixed with indie rock style.


Here you can see the song titles. They are “working titles” and not real titles. Some of them may look stupid but they eventually will have proper names. (hopefully)


Our next album will be full of joy.
The joy of “being saved” and “being loved”.
The pure joy of “being in Christ”.


We believe we can do this.
Thank you very much for your support!
We can’t wait to bring joy to you!


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