Christmas Live Stream Pop Song Night

Christmas Streaming Live!!
Yes we will do that again this year because Christmas is important!

December 23rd(USA night) 24th(Japan daytime)
On Imari Tones’ Facebook / YouTube / possibly Instagram


Here is the streaming link. (If we set up correctly)


We call it “Pop Song Night”
We will play more pop songs from our song catalog. Emotional pop songs. Sort of softer side of us.
But we will play heavy metal songs anyway.


Why we play a live streaming show?

Because we are musicians.
Because we have fans from overseas.
Because we have messages.
Because we want to say “We love you”.

And because there is something to celebrate!
Because it’s Christmas!
Our Savior Jesus Christ came to earth.
Let’s celebrate together!


Some of the songs we are planning to play
(Spoiler Alert!)



“Precious” from Victory In Christ album
“Karma Flower” from Japanese Pop album
and some deep cut Japanese song from Nabeshima album

Special: Improvisational worship music (Can we do that?)




Imari Tones Live Streaming 2022
“Pop Song Night Because Christmas”

December 24th noon Japan time
December 23rd 10PM in New York
December 23rd 7PM in Los Angeles
December 24th 0AM (midnight) in São Paulo, Brazil
(UTC December 24th 3AM)

On Imari Tones Facebook and YouTube, possibly Instagram
We are hoping to see you!



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