New Side Project


Let me tell you about our new side project.
It is called “Dakeno Kakari”.

And we just posted the very first song for the project on YouTube.


The song is here.


And the website is here.


It’s not a heavy metal band.
I don’t know exactly what it is, but we’d like to call it “Indie Rock”.

We thought we wanted to keep it a secret (because generally heavy metal fans don’t like this type of “soft rock” and indie rock fans don’t like heavy metal music), yet we want to let you know about our new musical journey.


This is actually a song we wrote for our Patreon page last year.
That was a song in English language, but this time we wrote the Japanese lyrics and now it sounds a bit different.

If we talk about the Christian side of this song, the lyrics are based on “Serenity Prayer”. It is a little bit more subtle compared to the English version we posted on our Patreon page, but we like this emotional Japanese version even more.


It’s a new project but actually we already have 2 EPs ready for release.
The first EP is based on some songs we wrote for Imari Tone’s patreon page, but the second EP is all new songs and I’m sure it will surprise you.

We will release it when the time is right.


Dakeno Kakari’s first EP “Greetings” will be released on April 8th, 2022.

You can find the release here.


Check it out, if you are interested in our “eclectic” side.


Oh by the way, talking about the side project, our glorious Christian metal side project “Atsuki Ryo with Jesus Mode” is here.


Currently it’s on hiatus but we are willing to revive it when we have a chance.

When you think of it, this band “Jesus Mode” was the reason Marie started playing bass back then.
Now she is a bass player in Imari Tones and it’s incredible how much better she has become since then!

Surely we can say God’s guidance is great!


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