Working Hard!

This is a photo from “Passion” videoshoot.
Don’t you think it’s a perfect profile picture?
Maybe we don’t look like a typical heavy metal band but this photo shows Imari Tones’ character and messages.


We’ve been very busy and could not post here on our website/blog page for a while.

When I was younger, I used to write on my Japanese blog/diary thing almost everyday but I can’t do that anymore.

But we have posted things on social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. (Okay mostly on Instagram)


Let’s look back on the past few months.

I think it was in February we did the “contract thing” with Sliptrick Records.

After that, we had a new drummer Shinryu joined the band. (Because sadly, Koji could not join the band activity any more)

We did a photo session for the new lineup.
We made artwork photos for single release songs.

In March we made a music video for the song called “Passion”. (It was a lot of work.)

In April we made a music video for the song called “God Anthem”. (It was tough but everything went very well.)


And, of course, we are doing band rehearsals.

We are working very fast for the band rehearsals.
We have nailed 8 or 9 songs in less than 2 months.
This is actually faster than the beginning of [Tone, Hassy, Jake] lineup in 2008. Also faster than when Imari Tones first became a band in 2004.

So this is the fastest band progression in the history of Imari Tones.

You can expect some awesomeness when we play live. Current Imari Tones is definitely better than ever.


While we are working as a band, me and Marie were working on the artwork of Nabeshima album.
It was a really tough work.
Because this album is inspired by “Nabeshima ware” in 17th century Japan, we wanted to make an artwork based on those old Nabeshima wares. However there were many issues and things were not that easy.
We didn’t have a big budget and more importantly time was limited.

For now, I don’t talk about what kind of method we chose and how we made the artwork here. But we are confident we made the right choice and we are sure we made the right thing. We didn’t actually use the photos of those old Nabeshima wares but we were able to make something inspired by them.


Other than that, we did some extra videos and photos and I/we kept working on the Patreon Monthly Project which we’ve been doing since last year.

For those videos and photos, we worked with Shinichi (, because he is a friend of ours since “Calling Records” days.

Annnd, we are also going to start some acoustic performance activities (me and Shinryu) under the name of 藍色伊万里 (Imari Blue).


So far 2021 has been very busy for us. But we have done all of these in 3 months or so. I think we can say we worked hard.

I think we can announce the album/single release dates soon.
We can’t wait. Because these songs and videos are very cool.


Oh yes, it’s already a month but we have posted some greeting movie on Easter Sunday.
Just because, we felt like doing it.
We are a Christian band. So it’s not weird if we celebrate Easter Sunday. So we did it!


Now I want to write an article about “What is Christian band? What does it actually mean?”.
Because our band Imari Tones is standing in a unique position not only in a sense of Japanese band, but also Indie band, Metal band, and Christian band.
I want to show you our policy and our goal. Because I want you to understand what we are doing this for.


Also I want to write accurate information about our history, band lineup, discography and stuff. Because there are wrong information on some websites on the internet.


That’s all for today.

Here I will show you some stuff we have posted on Instagram in the past month or so.

Thank you very much!!



Imari Tones(@imaritones)がシェアした投稿



Imari Tones(@imaritones)がシェアした投稿



Imari Tones(@imaritones)がシェアした投稿



Imari Tones(@imaritones)がシェアした投稿



Imari Tones(@imaritones)がシェアした投稿



Imari Tones(@imaritones)がシェアした投稿


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