This time tried early AC/DC style

Last year we decided to start Patreon.
For our supporters, we decided to write and record Monthly Songs, every month.

But when we finish the song, we make very quick movies, because it’s more friendly when we post song on our Patreon page. We make those videos literally in 30 minutes. Very cheap music videos.

However, as a matter of course, we end up posting those movies, 1minute shorter version teasers, on YouTube and social media, in order to promote our Pateon page.


Sometimes I wonder, like, we are doing things very awkwardly.
Because we are posting original songs, which is more difficult to attract people than cover songs, with very cheap quick movies. And they are not even in Imari Tones’ real style. They are different style from Imari Tones’ official releases.

There is many more ways to look good on Instagram and social media. There is many other ways to gain access on YouTube.
But we are doing this, like, very awkwardly.
Again I think we are not good at doing business.


We want to make cover song movies. We want to make more “looking good” movies to gain play numbers.
But we are mostly busy with this monthly song thing.
And right now we are very busy preparing for the release of the album and other stuff.

But are we having fun?
Am I having fun making those Monthly Songs?
Yes. I can say yes and definitely yes.
I think you can feel it.

I’m (we are) writing some good songs for this Patreon Project.
I’m not sure about the videos, but I can say the songs are good.


This time, I tried to make it in early AC/DC style.
I ended up some AC/DC cosplay. Very quick cosplay.

You can hear the whole song on our Patreon page.
I tried to sing like Bon Scott. I think it was not bad. And there is an epic interlude and slide guitar solo.

We really appreciate your support on Patreon.
Currently we have 18 Patrons. We are very thankful.



We started our Patreon in July last year.
Here is the list of the Monthly Songs we did so far.
These are 1 minute teasers.

They are all different from Imari Tones’ original style.
But when you look back and listen to these songs, they are not bad at all.

Thank you very much for your support!!

I hope you enjoy these songs.




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