We are all God’s People


I can’t believe this is the first blog post here for 2021. Because I/we posted many stuff on our [Japanese blog, social media, some ridiculous short movies] and stuff.

Here is what I wrote on our facebook page today.


One of the greatest musicians, the late Eddie Van Halen always said in his magazine interviews that he was just a vehicle for musical ideas and he didn’t know where they come from or what they mean.

As a spiritual music writer (also a huge Van Halen fan), I can attest it myself.

I never (or at least rarely) TRY to write music. They come from above. I believe it’s from heaven. I believe it’s from God. I hope it’s not from the devil.
But good and bad are in each human’s mind and I believe art itself is pure.

So I believe you can construe our songs in any way you want.
If you feel the song is about beauty, then you are right.
If you feel the song is about ugliness, then you are right, too.


Now here is the song from our “best so far” album “Jesus Wind”.

It’s a song called “God’s People”.
Track 3 on the Jesus Wind album.


This song is very religious.
It has a religious vibe, theme, and lyrics.

My understanding is it’s a song about people (including Japanese people) who fell short of God’s order. They fail to abide God’s law, lost and broken, and they go on for a journey to re-discover the real God.

But that’s just my understanding.
Yes I’m the one who wrote the music, but I’m just a vehicle.
I don’t necessarily understand the real meaning of the songs. Often times, I only discover the meaning of the songs years later.


Now this song is deep and spiritual.
Maybe you can play it at a church service.
You can play this song for personal meditation.
Or you can even play this song for a religious cult meetings. (Because it’s very religious.)

But all of them are right.
Nothing wrong with the way one feels about the music and its message.


I’m not trying to be specific.
What I want to say is, yes go on and listen to this song.
Because it’s spiritually awesome! (Oops I said it myself)

Here’s the Spotify link.
Imari Tones – Jesus Wind – God’s People


If you don’t have Spotify, there is always Bandcamp which is our favorite.



Well that was Today’s Song Promotion.

I heard that there was a big event about politics in one of the greatest nations here on earth today.

I don’t want to be political here, though I admit I’m a bit of a spiritual person.

But we are all broken. We are lost, broken, hurt and divided, and need help.

But we are all “God’s People”. We are all God’s children.
And we have Jesus. Forever and ever.

I pray God’s mercy, His guidance and protection upon all the people on this tiny planet called earth.

In Jesus’ name.


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