The Last Song: Mistake music video

We posted the music video of the song “Mistake”.
Probably the last music video featuring our (now previous) long time lineup [Tone-Hassy-Jake].



This is the last song from Imari Tones’ long time lineup [Tone, Hassy, Jake] that had been making music together since 2008 and broke up in March 2018.

Imari Tones has been making music as “The first Christian heavy metal from Japan” but their last album with the long time lineup was All Japanese album that was not necessarily metal.
With “Overture” album, they wanted show how they can rock and sing about Faith in Japanese language and Japanese cultural context.

This song “Mistake” is the last song from Tone, Hassy and Jake.
It’s about man’s sin, ignorance and hopelessness.
Yet, Jesus comes to you to rescue your soul.
In order to face this hopelessness and yet find salvation in it, we put all the emotion into this discord sound.


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