Overture announce video

Here is a little video we did in a studio, announcing the new album “Overture”.


Actually there’s a Japanese version, too. It sounds more natural to us, naturally…

Also you can catch a glimpse of our “new lineup” in the video.


“Overture” album is now available on major digital stores including Spotify and Apple Music.
Here’s a spotify link.


You can buy CD on our Bandcamp page.


Here’s the words to the video (^^)


Hi, this is Tak from Imari Tones, Japanese Christian metal band.

This is an album release announcement.
We have just released the album called “Overture”.

Our last album “Jesus Wind” was a heavy metal album and it was a concept album about Japanese Christian history.

But this time, this “Overture” album is different.

It is a Japanese album.
It’s been a while since we made a Japanese album last time.
Actually this is our first time we did whole album in Japanese language since we became a Christian band.

Also, it’s NOT a heavy metal album.
We have been playing mostly 1980’s style Christian metal.
But this “Overture” album is more like an alternative album. It has pop songs, it has acoustic songs, it even has a hip-hop song. Probably you can hear more J-Pop side of ours.

One more important thing about this “Overture” album is, it’s a sad thing but, this is the last album we made with our long time lineup: Tak, Hassy and Jake.

If you have seen our website recently, probably you already know about this, but Hassy and Jake left the band in March 2018.

So we made one last album and this is the result.
It’s totally for sentimental reasons we wrote all the lyrics in Japanese.

I, already, am jamming with new band members here, as you can see.
But let me tell you, we are getting more serious about making music.
We gonna start new things and we are making plans so that we can make more music. So that we can continue to make Christian Rock and Christian Metal from Japan.

This album “Overture” is a beginning and this is a new start. That’s why we titled the album “Overture”.

Please check the album. You can hear it on Spotify maybe and CDs are available on Bandcamp.

We hope you’ll like it.
Thank you very much and God bless you all!!



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