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Our new album “Overture” is now released on major digital stores!
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For Immediate Release
Date: December 17, 2018

Title: Japanese Christian metal band IMARI TONES releases new album “Overture”, the last album with their long time lineup


Yokohama, Japan – December 17, 2018 – Japanese Christian metal band Imari Tones releases new album titled “Overture”, the first Japanese album since they started playing Christian music and the last album with their long time lineup that has been together since 2008.


Imari Tones, Japanese Christian metal band, has released a new album titled “Overture”.
It’s their first “Japanese album” since they became a Christian band in 2008. The band has been singing mostly in English language for international audience but for the first time they made a Christian album with Japanese lyrics.

Also it’s musically different from their previous albums, for it features pop and diverse side of their music rather than heavy metal. “Overture” contains variety of music including J-Rock, alternative, acoustic, hip hop and poetry reading along with their signature Christian metal.

The album and CD is available on their Bandcamp page.

It’s also available at major digital stores and streaming services including Amazon, Spotify and Apple Music.


The 3 guys from Imari Tones: Tone (singer, guitarist), Hassy (bassist) and Jake (drummer) – This lineup has been together for 10 years since 2008. They have been making music together as “The First Christian Metal Band from Japan”.

However every good thing has its end. After making “Jesus Wind” album they have agreed that the next album would be their last with this long time lineup. “Why don’t we make it a Japanese album?” “Can I write in pop style rather than metal?” “What about the hip hop song we wrote a couple of years ago?” Things went like that and they decided to have fun.

It’s been a long time since they made a Japanese album last time. Actually it’s their first time making a whole album in Japanese language since they became a Christian band. It was a new challenge for them and admittedly this album has different style than their previous Christian Metal albums.


Tak “Tone” Nakamine, the singer and the guitarist of the band, says:

“We did it for 2 reasons. One is for ourselves. This is totally a sentimental reason. Hard reality. Sadness of partying ways. The state of our band that stop functioning. Our limit and difference in life. All those emotions we put in the music. Yet we choose to sing about hope. Not a very happy album but still this is a victory for us. Our victory in Christ.”

“The other reason is for our Japanese friends. We have been thinking about how we can convey our message, God’s Love, to Japanese people. These songs and lyrics are our answer. This album doesn’t sound like a typical Christian album. Yet these songs are asking questions: What does it really mean to believe. Lyric wise this is our best work so far. Simply because we wrote in our native language, the words are much more complex and deeper. Sometimes even harsh and ironic. But they all pose questions to people.”


Album cover artwork was done by Luka, their friend and the drummer for “Soul of Faith”, another Christian rock band from Japan. It’s based on Tone’s “Stand” inspiration (If you know the Japanese manga “Jojo”). Also Yona Ishikawa, a Christian blues singer now based in Kobe, makes a guest appearance on “Revive The Nation”. She did a great performance on this hip hop mixture song.

Although this is the last album from Tone, Hassy and Jake, it’s not the end of Imari Tones. That’s why the album is titled “Overture”. This is a new beginning. Hassy and Jake left the band in 2018, but Tone has chosen to go on with a new lineup that is soon to be announced. Legend of Japanese Christian Metal goes on. Everything is in God’s hands. Now let’s pray together.


For more information, please visit Imari Tones website.


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