Born Again music video!

Here is “Born Again” music video.

A song from our new “Overture” album.


“Overture” is musically very diverse an album that contains acoustic, hiphop and alternative songs.

But this song “Born Again” is a straightforward Christian hard rock.

If you listen to the song carefully, you can hear some J-Rock essence. That is an important factor because “Overture” is a Japanese album targeting Japanese audience.


With Hassy&Jake having left the band earlier in 2018, we don’t have much material left to make the music video. But instead we added the words, making it more of a “Lyric Video”.

As a result, this video projects a strong message of Faith.


Some of the songs on “Overture” album have “subtle” hints or indications of Christian faith, but this “Born Again” is much more straightforward Christian Rock song with a strong message. So strong it will almost make people laugh (in a good way).

I think that’s the point of this song and video.

We hope you will like it and we are hoping it will be a hit in Japanese underground pop culture scene (or wherever).


I always make and release music videos BEFORE the album is released. It’s not the best commercial strategy but we are an indie band.

So actually this “Born Again” is already 4th music video from “Overture” album.


Here is other 3 videos.

“Overture” – complex lyrics but it’s a strong statement about faith, if you listen carefully.


“Discarded World” – it’s a song about the world changing and the new vision, with a hint of Christian faith


“Revive The Nation” – a hiphop rock mixture song with Yona Ishikawa. Basically Tone saying “You Christians are hypocrites”, Yona saying “Listen to Jesus”.



In our “Lyrics” page, I put English translation for those Japanese songs on “Overture” album.


Thank you very much!
Keep on rocking for Jesus!


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