Victory music video and photo session!

Hello this is Tone (aka Tak) from Imari Tones.
Earlier in March we released our live album “Atomic Live!”.
Did you like it?
It’s a bit of scary for us musicians to release “Live” recording.
But we decided to do it because it was a special live recording with a background story.
You can download it for free on BandCamp.
So check it out, if you haven’t yet.
So now what?
Today I have 2 things.
First thing is our new “Victory” music video.
As you may know, we are planning to release our new album “Revive The World” later this year.
We are planning to make many music videos for that album.
Because we think, in this internet age where people can listen to every song on Spotify, making music video is one of the best things we can do as an indie band.
Last month we posted “Born To Ride” skateboarding music video.
This “Victory” is 2nd video from our new album.
It’s really really positive song.
I can guarantee it makes you happy!
This song we wrote in 2012, right after The Extreme Tour 2012, the last USA tour we did so far. We were inspired by all the people, friends and other great Christian bands there and wrote this song.
Since then we have been playing this song quite often.
It’s song about “What is real victory in life?” and “What is real victory in Heaven?”.
Our answer is in the song, I guess.
Also, did you notice the footage in this video was from our photo session?
Here is the 2nd thing.
We did a photo session in February.
Because it was long time ago we did a proper photo session last time and we decided it was time to renew our website photos.
Not only it was a good photo session with so many great photos, but also it was really fun!
Thank you Nobu, Midori, and Marie for helping us!
(Now we have band photos enough for next 10 albums!) (Just joking)
We have posted those photos on flickr already.
(and we are going to post them on Facebook later)
Here is the link for the album.
So, that’s it for today’s journal.
I, Tak, am working on many projects right now including other bands and some secret projects. Many things are cooking behind the curtain. So keep watching;)
Also keep checking our YouTube channel because more music videos are to come!
Thank you very much!
God bless you all!
Tak / Imari Tones (Japan)



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