“Unknown Road” old Japanese writer music video

Hello this is Tak (aka Tone) from Imari Tones.
Earlier I told you we would make more music videos for our new album.
Now I can say I was not a liar.
Because here is the new one!
This song is called “Unknown Road”.
This is really a special song for us, and we made a special video.
It features Japanese country side scenery in snow.
Yes, snow.
It’s really pretty and beautiful.
Also in this video, I (Tak) am playing “Japanese novelist from 1950’s” (such as, Osamu Dazai, Ryunosuke Akutagawa).
Not only I look like an old Japanese writer, I’m actually writing same song lyrics in Japanese in the video.
It’s got a very retro flavored, old Japan vibe.
Please take your time and watch it.
Can Tak finish writing his book/song?
Can Hassy drink his cup of coffee?
Will Jake manage to make us laugh again?
You will find it all out!
We are a rock band.
We play high energy heavy metal songs and jump around the stage.
However, this song has somewhat more matured vibe and it has a deeper message.
Sometimes I can’t help but wonder, and every time, I’m surprised at the fact the world is living another day in spite of all our sins….crimes, wars, disobedience, and all other wrong things.
It’s all because of God’s mercy. That’s the reason we are living today.
Jesus took all our sins and died alone on the cross.
I mean, if I had been sitting in God’s chair, I would probably have shut everything down long ago as if I would shut my computer down. How about you?
God is really merciful. We should be thankful for every moment given to us.
Not one day is given free and we can’t take any day for granted.
That’s the message of this song. (Now I’m hoping my English is correct.)
Yes, I think we went a little deeper than usual.
We are very proud of it.
We want this video to be seen by many people.
So please, share it and spread the word.
Also check out our “Victory” video, if you haven’t already!
Thank you very much!
God bless you all.
May the world be at peace in Love of our Merciful God.
(Yep. That’s the message of the song 😉
Tak / Imari Tones (Japan)



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