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Hello guys! Here’s some stuff we posted on our Facebook page!

1: A new song

Here is a song from our new album “Revive The World” (Release date not set yet. We are working on a release plan.) This song is called “Unknown Road”. It sounds a bit like 1970’s classic rock. Hope you enjoy it. Here is the lyrics. 

“Unknown Road”

Today the world was saved again
Our relationship renewed
Our promises kept
Once again
This world survived a day even though it doesn’t deserve it

Because of His mercy
Because of His love
And because you stepped out of the door and started a new life

Oh Yes
Now we are walking on the unknown road
Oh unknown road

Today the world was saved again
But no one knows it
No one knows the price paid
This world survived a day in spite of our deceit

Because of His mercy
Because of His forgiveness
And because you believed in someone and started a new day

Oh yes
Now we’re driving on the unknown road

There is never a thing like just another day
There is never a moment given at no cost
Who is the hero
Who is the victim
It might be your little act of love that saved the rest of us


2: A record lable

Just want to share, our little “self record label” has now 3 bands on its catalog! 
It’s so awesome, we re-launched the FB page and the website! (finally) 
Check it out!


3: A new video

New video on YouTube:)
This is a worship song in Japanese language.
(Yes we play Japanese song quite often. Because we are a Japanese band!)

Song called “Kiseki Wo Kudasai” (奇跡をください) 
We have both English&Japanese version of this song and English version is called “Give Us Your Miracles” (included on “Japan Metal Jesus” album.).

Now this video uses footages from The Extreme Tour Japan 2013&2014.
We tried to feature each everyone who helped us during the tour.
Hope you enjoy this one, even though it’s in Japanese language. 

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