Thank you for 2014, Faith Rider and BEYOND!

Before wrapping up the year 2014, let us say thank you very much for supporting our Faith RIder video.
We posted several music videos on YouTube this year (Yokohama Dreaming, Heroes, Ai No Iro, Follow The Light, and Kiseki Wo Kudasai).
While Tak’s skateboarding movie is getting the most access right now (It’s a bit ironic because it’s not a music video), 1200 views within 10 months is quite good for us.
Also the original “still picture” version has now reached 10,000 views, which is quite impressive.
We’re going to post more music videos next year, including new and old stuff. Things are getting better and we’re sure we are going to get more exposure.
So thank you and we hope you enjoy our music.
And one last time, check out our official Faith Rider movie if you haven’t already. Watch, share, and spread the word.
Thank you for the much blessed year and Merry Christmas!
Hope you have a happy Christmas season and God bless you all!!
God bless!
Tak “Tone” Nakamine / Imari Tones

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