2015 release plan

Happy new year 2015!
(Although we forgot to update this blog since the new year day…. so this post is basically the same thing we posted earlier on facebook.)

This year we have 2 release plans.

One for our new album “Revive The World” which will be released somewhere in latter half of 2015.

However, before that, we are gonna release this “live album” called “Atomic Live!” just because we did the live recording. It was not something we planned. It just happened. But it turned out really nice. So we are gonna release it, probably around March. and, a good thing is, we are going to make it a free download!

Here is what the live album looks like.

Also, there are already 3 songs for preview on SoundCloud, from our new album “Revive The World”.

Check them out!

That’s about it!

This year we will release so much of music and we are going to make so many videos! (Hope we can do it.)
It’s going to be an “active” year.
Stay tuned!

God bless you all!

Tak / Imari Tones

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