Heroes EP, “physical” CD available

Hello from Imari Tones, Japanese Christian rock band!
Today we announce the release of “Physical CD” of Heroes EP.
“Heroes EP”, our previous release, recorded in 2012-2013 and released in November 2013, was digital release only. It means it was only available as a digital download via iTunes and other websites.
It took so long but now we finally made “Actual CDs” for it. Because Heroes EP had pretty cool artwork, featuring old-school, Kurosawa-styled Samurai warrior, we always wanted to make a physical CD package.
So check it out.
It’s available on our BandCamp.
If you want the CD signed by band, please let us know.
We do it whenever we can, such as when we have a band rehearsal soon. Because that’s the best part of buying CDs from a band. But sometimes it takes a while, if our next rehearsal date is 2 weeks away. In such a case we will let you know by friendly email 🙂
Thank you very much and God bless you all!
Tak / Imari Tones

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