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Hello, this is Tak from Imari Tones, Japanese Christian rock band.
Again, it’s been a while since we updated the blog last time.
Since last year we have been working on “The Extreme Tour Japan” thing and we have focused on working in Japan. (Tak’s Facebook posts recently are mostly in Japanese.)  On the other hand, we are tying our best to share our music and spread the word on the internet. Because we want to reach out for the world audience.
We have been working on recording work, making an album called “Revive The Nation”, since February this year.
In February we recorded the drum tracks.
In March, we sorted the drum tracks out and prepared for the bass recording.
In April we recorded the bass tracks.
In May we recorded the guitar tracks and lead vocals.
Finally this month June we recorded the background vocals and everything’s done!
Now we have a rough mix for our new album “Revive The Nation”! (The title of the album is subject to change without notice…)
Musically speaking, it’s our most diverse, most intense, most progressive album ever, yet with a positive spiritual message.
This is an very important album for us, and now we are officially looking for a record label.
If you know a good record company or management office, we appreciate your advice.
Funny thing is, we have already started rehearsing new songs for our next album. Yes, just after finishing a new album, we already have started working on the next one. 
You may think we are overworking, but “No Tour” means “More Creation” for us. (Most likely we will be touring in Japan around November, with The Extreme Tour Japan, but again it’s going to be “Japan only” year for us.)
When not touring, we put all of our passion and energy on writing, rehearsing and recording. Because, as a group of musicians, we don’t want to miss a moment in our life. We’re here to play music. Even more music!
Also Tak is playing some acoustic gigs recently, which opens other musical doors for him.
Being in an independent band is not always easy, we are just not able to be on tour all the time, but believe me, because musically it’s going be the best, most awesome time for us. With this new album “Revive The Nation” and the next one (called “Jesus Wind” at this point), we are going to rock the world.
Meanwhile, these are some of the videos we posted on YouTube earlier this year.
Check them out, if you haven’t yet!
“Heroes” music video
“Ai No Iro” (acoustic) music video
“Follow The Light” music video
“The Extreme Tour Japan” promotional video
(It shows you what the Japan missionary tour looks like.)
and of course, don’t forget our most awesome “Faith Rider” music video!
Thank you very much!
We will practice hard, rehearse new songs and will become even more awesome this year.
Keep in touch and see you in the rocking future!
God bless,
Tak / Imari Tones



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