Some worship songs demo

Hi this is Tak from Imari Tones, a Japanese Christian rock band.

We are playing local gigs here in Yokohama while we are getting ready for the touring plan.
Today I just want to give you an update about some little demo tracks of 2 songs.

These are not Imari Tones’ song. But one of my friends sent me these lyrics on facebook.
I wrote music for the lyrics and made demo tracks.
Also I wrote Japanese lyrics for 2nd verse&chorus.

These are demo tracks and quality is kind of rough, but you may find them interesting.
I wrote these songs in different music style than we usually do. These are more like in Pop style.

We are actually working on new songs.
(What!? We just finished recording new album a few month ago and already working on new songs?)
And I want to write a worship type song in Japanese language this year.
So writing these 2 songs was a good practice for me.
Thank you Noe Ortiz for sending these lyrics.

God bless you all and Happy Easter!!
(Actually we are playing a local gig on Easter Sunday in Yokohama!)

Tak / Imari Tones

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