Jesus Train video, current status, and 1 year since then.

Hi, this is Tak from Imari Tones, Japanese Christian rock band.

Long time no update, but we’ve been working hard.
We have 2 topics here today.

1. Jesus Train music video

It’s already a few month since we finished recording our new album called “Japan Metal Jesus”.
We are trying to figure out what is the best way to release it.
We are still looking for a decent record label but on the other hand we are preparing for an independent release by our own small label.
It will take some more time while we are making artwork and finding a distribution but we are sure you will like the album when it is released.

At the same time, we are already releasing/uploading some songs from the new record on internet.

We told you about the music video of “The Concept” and “You Key” before (Check them out on our YouTube if you haven’t yet!).

And now we uploaded another music video on YouTube.
It’s a song called “Jesus Train”.
We have been playing that song in our live shows for a while now and it’s one of our live favorites. So some of you may be already familiar with the song.

We made the video using footage from our local gig in Yokohama, Japan.
It’s a simple video but it has got a live show feeling and we love it!

So please check it out!

It’s already 3rd song uploaded on YouTube from the album and we feel as if we were going to upload all the song even before the album is released!
(Actually some other songs are on our Soundcloud, too.)


2. Our current status and touring plan this year

While we are excited and can’t wait to release the album and share the music with you, we are making plans how to spend this year 2012.

We are trying to “go local” this year and we are going to play small local gigs in Yokohama Japan.
We already booked several gigs in Yokohama/Tokyo area. So check our schedule on our website, if you happened to be in that area. (Though I know our internet activity is mostly for people outside Japan.)

Life in an independent rock band is tough and our life is hard, too.
But we are a band destined to reach for the international market.
So we are trying to do a tour again this year.

We are talking with people from “The Extreme Tour”.
We friended with them last year when we visited USA.
They are a Christian music tour and they are great ministries.
We are trying to join their tour in USA/Canada region.

Though the detail is not confirmed yet, but we will let you know when it happens.
We are praying so that the plan will work. Because we are dying to play live in front of you. Because we are so much in love with ROCK music and Jesus is the ROCK.

Well, I guess it’s time.
It’s Sunday I’m writing this and I’m in charge of worship in our church today.
(I got to go now.)

Hope you are doing great and hope we can keep in touch.
We are rocking alive here in Yokohama.
So you keep on rocking too!
God is at work in Japan as much as in the rest of the world!

It’s one year since March 11th 2011, when the earthquake and the tsunami disaster happened in Japan.
Our life in Japan, it has changed forever since then.

But we believe God will make everything good. Even bad things and sad things.
Today we are all praying for our home country.

Thank you very much and may God bless you richly.

In Jesus name,
Tak / Imari Tones (Japan)

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