Internet Radio April 11 evening

Hi this is Tak from Imari Tones,
Japanese Christian rock band.

We’re leaving Japan next week, to tour in USA.
We’re still busy preparing and doing rehearsals.

1. Internet Radio tomorrow night
Here is one thing,

Internet Radio Interview: OnlineWithAndrea

April 11th Monday 7:30pm Eastern Time
(Oh, it’s tomorrow night. Sorry if I could have notified earlier.)

You can listen at URL above.
We will play some newly recorded songs as well as our old songs.
Tak also talks about Japan situation update after the earthquake and tsunami.


2. Kickstarter Reward

Again, thank you very much for helping us on Kickstarter.
We can’t be thankful enough.

We are now(still) trying to send out the rewards, downloads, CDs, and T-shirt.
Though we will send it out this week for those we already know their mailing address, we have not got reply from some people yet.
We want to know your mailind address, T-shirt selsction / T-shirt size.
We will contact you via kickstarter/email again, but please tell me if you have not been contacted yet.


3. Tour Date

So, again, here is our tour date.

April 22 Friday, Headhunters, Austin TX
April 23 Saturday, The Moon Bar, Fort Worth TX
April 26 Tuesday, Super Happy Fun Land, Houston TX
April 29 Friday, The Music City Bar, Nashville TN
May 1 Sunday, Hamilton Pointe Church, Hixson TN
May 7 Saturday, Mojo13, Wilmington DE
May 8 Sunday, Crossroads Church and Ministries, New Castle DE
May 11 Wednesday, The Wonderland Ballroom, Wahington DC
May 13 Friday, Clash Bar, Clifton NJ
May 14 Saturday, Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn NY
May 15 Sunday, Gloryzone Ministries, Deer Park NY
May 21 Saturday, Blue Moon, Seattle WA
May 23or24, Rocketown, Nashville TN (Showcase gig in front of the music industry people. Wow that’s gonna be an important gig. Detail TBA)

Honestly, we are busy and overwhelmed with preparation and other stuff we have to do.
We have just recorded 4 songs in Yokohama, Japan last month.
We gonna record 2 more songs in Dallas TX.
We have been preparing for the donation project for Japan teamed up with PAZ Japan.
Many things going on in our band, we talk about so many things, there is always a spiritual battle and inner struggle.

But we, Tak, Hassy&Jake, all know this tour is going to be very important for us.
And still we believe in God’s guidance.

So we are looking forward to seeing you on tour, on internet, and everywhere else.

I said we are busy but don’t hesitate to talk to us on facebook, twitter, YouTube, or Mixi. Those quick communications work very well during busy time. You can also simply reply this email:)

And if you have not checked yet, this is one of the new songs we recorded. This song is already our favorite in live performance.

Thank you and God bless,
YOU are loved by God and YOU are so precious to Him.
Please remember, we are all children of God and He loves us so much.

In Christ,
Tak / Imari Tones
“The first Christian heavy metal from Japan”

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