Imari Tones in USA, “Yes we are okay, we rock” tour

(This is a newsletter sent on April 21st)

Hello, this is Tak from Imari Tones, Japanese Christian rock band.

Now we are in USA.
We are now in Dallas TX, and we are going to start our tour from here.
Still having jet lag, today I just want to let you know we are on tour.

We decided to team up with PAZ Japan to ask people help for Japan earthquake relief during the tour.
We gonna give out flyers which saying “Help Japan through local churches”.
We decided to do this because, 1: We want to help through local Christian organizations, 2: We have some friends in PAZ Japan. They are so nice people.

Donate online or also you can send a check.

Tour was so dramatic and troublesome since the first day.
On the day of the departure, our drummer Jake called me and he said “Hey I lost my passport. I can’t find it anywhere. What are we going to do!?”

Well, we prayed, and I told him to come to Narita airport anyway, even if he can’t find his passport.
And 3 hours later, we were all at Narita Airport (Tokyo, Japan).
We were wondering if we should cancell everything, because we can’t tour without Jake.
But somehow, we were positive and we felt we should go on no matter what.
We prayed, but we could not find his passport.
I told Jake to have his passport re-issued, even if it would take a week.
But Hassy said, “I’m sure you will find your passport. Even if you can’t fly with us, I believe you will come to USA 2 days later.”
That’s when I knew Hassy’s faith was so strong.

We said ‘See you soon in America” and I and Hassy flew to USA without Jake.
And, we first landed at Minneapolis MN, and I checked my email, and I got a email from Jake which says “I found the passport in my room. I thought I checked everywhere but….anyway I booked a flight flying on day after tomorrow.”

God answers our prayer, even if sometimes it takes a while.
We experienced that again. And probably we learned our little lesson from this.

Jake arriving 2 days late, actually that’s tonight. He arrives in Dallas TX tonight. (I’m writing this 5pm April 21st)
And our first show of this tour, is tomorrow night in Austin TX.
So it looks like we made it. We are not gonna miss a show.

I’m wondering what I’m gonna say when I see Jake at the Dallas Fort Worth airport.
It looks like Hassy got something to say on his own.

But we believe God’s guidance.
Hope we can have this whole tour done, without any accident, and we can see as many people.

Here is our show dates.

April 22 Friday, Headhunters, Austin TX
9pm or later

April 23 Saturday, The Moon Bar, Fort Worth TX
9pm or later

April 26 Tuesday, Super Happy Fun Land, Houston TX
9pm or later

April 29 Friday, The Music City Bar, Nashville TN
We play 8pm–10pm slot

May 1 Sunday, Hamilton Pointe Church, Hixson TN
Our concert at 6pm, Also some worship song and testimony at morning service 10:30am

May 7 Saturday, Mojo13, Wilmington DE
9pm or later

May 8 Sunday, Crossroads Church and Ministries, New Castle DE
Time and detail not confirmed yet.

May 11 Wednesday, The Wonderland Ballroom, Wahington DC
9pm or later

May 13 Friday, Clash Bar, Clifton NJ

May 14 Saturday, Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn NY
somewhere between 8pm–11pm, needs to be confirmed

May 15 Sunday, Gloryzone Ministries, Deer Park NY
TBA, probably around 5pm

May 21 Saturday, Blue Moon, Seattle WA

May 23or24, Rocketown, Nashville TN
(Showcase gig in front of the music industry people. Wow that’s gonna be an important gig. Detail TBA)

Japan is still having some major aftershocks, we’re not sure if we can even call them aftershocks.
After all these disasters and nuclear crisis, we all know we have to change, repent, and re-born as a nation.
Please keep praying for Japan. Please give us power to rise up again, as a new nation, changed by Jesus Christ.

Thank you very much and God bless,
Tak “Tone” Nakamine
Imari Tones
“The first Christian heavy metal from Japan”

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