Now touring!!

Hello, this is Tak from Imari Tones.

We are doing our updates on our facebook and twitter, but really sorry we have no time to give you an update here on Kickstarter.
After all, you are the ones who made this happen. So thank you very much. We can’t be thankful enough.

We are now in the middle of our tour now. We did 3 shows in Texas, did 3 songs recording in Dallas Texas, played 2 shows in Tennessee. Now we are in Delaware, East Coast.

Tour has been going very well so far. So much blessing we can’t be thankful enough. We are thankful to people who made our recording session in Dallas TX possible. We are thankful to all the people we met in Texas, we are thankful to all the people we met in Nashville TN, and we are thankful to all the people we met at Hamilton Pointe Church, Hixson TN. It was a blessing.

But most important thing we had so far, is a message from God. Believe it or not, we are doing this tour for our country Japan. I always say, Japan is an almost perfect place, but only 2 things are missing which are Rockn’Roll and Jesus. Last year, we did East Coast Tour and that’s when we knew our mission is to change our country Japan. That was our prayer to God.

And 1 year later, now we know Japan is changing. It was not easy. It is a tough thing. I think everyone knows what happened in March 2011 in Japan. The earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Crisis. Many lives were lost. Cities, Towns, lost. It has changed everything. I think it has changed everything forever in Japan. People, especially young people, they started talking about things like politics, energy policy, changing society.

I think it takes time, because in Japan society and system is mostly fixed and older generations take control. But I believe our country Japan is going to change little by little, into what it really is, something more than just a economic capital in the world. We believe what we are doing, is a part of this change, an action to make our country new. Every song, every note we play, that is our prayer to God. We now know God answers our prayer.

It was our joy to hear the news today, that Prime Minister of Japan, has ordered to stop the nuclear power plants in Hamaoka. Things are not easy, not simple, but we believe it is a step ahead, one great step ahead. So please keep praying for Japan. So that God will work on this country and so that we can change Japan, despite all the hardship we are going through.

We are trying to prove that we can change. Another important thing during this tour is, our spiritual growth. We, Tak, Hassy, and Jake, all are ordinary Japanese persons who grew up in ordinary Japanese culture background. We are not smart, we are not even the best in music skills. But we are trying to break our limit. Hassy&Jake, just for your information they are not baptized yet, their faith getting very stronger during this tour. They are growing fast spiritually. Every problem we have, that is a chance for us to push ourselves further and grow in spirit.

We prayed, and we are getting the answer. So journey goes on. At the end of this tour, what answer will God give us, and what can we bring back to Japan? Each day, every moment, every breath we take here in USA, that is our prayer and that is our searching for answer.

So THANK YOU VERY MUCH for making this happen.

Here is our show dates after this.

May 7 Saturday, Mojo13, Wilmington DE
9pm or later

May 8 Sunday, Crossroads Church and Ministries, New Castle DE
Church service, we will give our testimony and play 2-3 songs.

May 11 Wednesday, The Wonderland Ballroom, Wahington DC

May 13 Friday, Clash Bar, Clifton NJ

May 14 Saturday, Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn NY
somewhere between 8pm–11pm, needs to be confirmed

May 15 Sunday, Gloryzone Ministries, Deer Park NY
Church concert, all ages
Concert is at 6pm.

May 21 Saturday, Blue Moon, Seattle WA

On this day we also may be helping this event in University District.

May 24 Tuesday, Rocketown, Nashville TN
We play 9:20pm slot. Showcase in front of music industry people.

I think that’s all for now. Lastly but most importantly, the reason we came to The United States to tour is, we (still) believe that we can find “Rockn’Roll” here in USA, and we can find “Jesus” here in USA. This is our continuous quest for “Lost Rockn’Roll”. And we strongly believe that we can find it in Jesus. After all, that’s the very reason we became a Christian rock band.

p.s. Don’t forget to visit PAZ Japan. We are giving out flyers to people for them during this tour.

At pastor’s house in Elkton Maryland,
2011 May 7th, 3am,
Tak “Tone” Nakamine
Imari Tones
“The first Christian heavy metal from Japan”

The reason we call this tour “Yes we are okay, we rock tour” is, because after March 11th so many people asking us if we are okay and if we are still touring. So we decided to answer before asked. But after coming to USA we realized that rock band saying “we are okay” is kind of funny. That was funny, yes.

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