Sakura Mix success!


“Sakura Mix” Live in Yokohama was a BIG blessing!!!
(March 23rd at BuzzFront Yokohama – Hosted by FCBC Yokohama)

It was an event hosted by a church, in a regular music venue, with Christian artists, inviting many people, including non-Christian friends.

It had been a while since we played an event like this, especially in Japan where “Christian Metal” is not very common.

But it was awesome!

We rocked hard, the house was packed, and people went wild!

We had a great time and everyone became happy.

I can’t explain the happiness and blessing that were there.
It was God’s Love. It was Jesus. That’s what unites us all.

We thank everyone, each person in audience that were there and shared the happy moment with us.

We thank people from @fcbcyokohama
Because they were brave enough to plan this event and I know they worked hard for this.

We thank other Christian artists such as Saluki, Samuell Soung, Misa Kamiyama, and MAYIM. (We are all friends since long ago and it was great to see them again.)(Except for MAYIM, the young dance team, we met for the first time.)

It was a great new step for us in Japanese music scene.
It was also a great start for Christian music in Yokohama.

We will keep on rocking for Jesus and we will rock even harder!

We are waiting for you in Hino on April 2nd,
and we are waiting for you in Kyoto on April 16thπŸ˜‰


We have so many photos from this concert.

We tried to select and narrow it down but there’s still so many.

But we post them here, to share the excitement!

(- Photos credit Yuriko Kamiyama)





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