NFT-Tell us if it’s right or not


Yes, that NFT project, called “Kirishitan Kingdom” has been delayed.
Delayed for whatever reasons.
(Maybe the tech company has been working with bigger bands?)

We have been thinking about this project for a while.
We have been wondering and praying, if it’s a right thing for us to do.

As an indie band, we are open to try new things.
Metaverse, tech stuff, future stuff.
Whatever it is, we are glad to try, if it will benefit “God’s Kingdom” and help us deliver our message to people.


That’s why we came up with this idea.
An idea of making God’s Country in the Metaverse.
Built upon the legacy of Ancient Japanese Christians (Kirishitan).

Because we thought it would be cool if we can build Christian Samurai Nation in the Metaverse (with NFT).


At the same time, this NFT has been a buzzword for a while and I’m aware some people don’t like it.

We are a Christian band. Some people might not think it’s right for a Christian band to get involved in this kind of money game kind of stuff.

The truth is, we never know until we do it.
But we are thinking carefully, looking both at merits and risks.


At this point we don’t know the answer.
But the real answer actually is among you guys.
It depends on our fans.

Because NFT is all about community. Power of community, goodwill of community, it’s all about doing good things together.
It’s all about what you want to do with those NFTs.


So please take a look (maybe again) at this website.


Because this is the concept of our “Kirishitan Kingdom” NFT project.


Do you think it’s worth a try?

Do you think we can realize good things with this project?

Or is it just going to be a meaningless money game?

Are you excited about the Christian Samurai Nation?

Do you want to be a part of it?


Now probably, many people out there selling and buying NFTs, it’s just a money game for them.

But it’s funny. This Kirishitan Kindgom NFT project is based on our Music. Based on our Faith.

It should be something more than NFT.
It represents our music, faith, culture, and history.


So here we want to ask our fans.
We got to ask our fans.
Because our band, we believe, it belongs to our fans.

Please tell us whether or not it’s a right thing for us to do.

(Again, we are wanting to be positive and wanting to try new things…only if it’s God’s will.)


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