Correct Information About Our Band


You might think it’s funny but we are an indie band with a long history of making music.
We are a band that has been doing things independently.

Maybe because of that, we often have seen incorrect information about our band posted on the internet.

So we decided to make a summarized information page of Imari Tones and its history.
It’s a Self-Wiki page from our own point of view.


It’s very long.
It’s just like one long interview of some sort.

We are not sure if there is a wikipedia page for us. We don’t even check. But we all know we can’t really trust the internet for something like this.

That’s why we made this for you.


So here it is.
The official information page of Imari Tones.

Imari Tones Self Wiki Page


At this point it’s text only but maybe we will add some photos later.


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