Nabeshima interviews


Here is some of the interviews we did for the Nabeshima album.


Did I post this?
Track by track interview by Breathing The Core


This heavy metal website called Metallian.
I like it very much, because independent rock spirit there.
But apparently they didn’t like Christianity and religious stuff.
So the interview was a bit “mean” and the way they edited it was a bit unfair.
But still a good interview.



Underground kind of heavy metal magazine called The Metal Mag.
It was very nice.
It’s nice to see our Japanese Kanji band logo on the magazine cover.

Tak did a very long interview.

You can buy the magazine here.


Also, Classic Christian Rock Magazine did a very nice article of us. Thank you very much.
It’s an honor. Very encouraging.
As a band from Japan, it’s very encouraging because it feels like we are in the world Christian rock community.

You can buy the magazine here.


Here’s another very good interview on Iron Backstage Magazine



Also, we have already posted this on our social media, but we were on TV in Latvia.

It happened, because we released an album from a record company based in Latvia.
(And all the journalists in the world came to Tokyo for Olympics.)


You can see the movie archive here.



And they featured Shinryu’s martial arts dojo, too.



Hopefully we can visit Latvia and other countries in Europe in a near future.


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