25&14years anniversary

This is a post from personal blog but it would tell you why we are playing Christian music in the first place.. ..


So back in 1995 when we were in high school, I met this girl.
I don’t talk about this teenage love story here, because it’s really complicated and not like any sweet movie story at all. Both my family and her family had some “issue”, you know.

So January 1996, I told this girl that I wanted to marry her. We were so young you might think it’s funny but it’s true. It was more like “Let’s live this life together” rather than “Hey now it’s time for us to settle down and have a family”, if you know what I mean.

She said yes and that was the real start of my life. I mean that was a tougher version of my life.

So many things happened and I had to give up my dream that was to become a lawyer. I chose a life with her rather than chasing my dream. Because I could not live this life without her.

After giving up my dream of becoming a lawyer, the only thing left for me was music. That was really ironic because I didn’t believe in music business in the first place. I always thought it was ridiculous, full of lies and phony things. I never thought it was real and worth chasing. I wanted to be a real hero in society rather than a fantasy hero in music world.
But now all I had was this fantasy thing called music, which I didn’t believe in.

However, since I didn’t believe in the business and hype side of music, I could see more of spiritual notion behind the music. I thought it was worth chasing. It was a lonely journey but at least she was always by my side.

Some years later I found Jesus Christ. It was really natural and apparent because I was always searching for some spiritual truth in music. I was like “Ah, okay, so this is the truth thing all the art and music are made for”. It made perfect sense and now suddenly my life had a meaning. Strange, but it’s true.
In 2008 we started to attend a church together. In 2009 we were baptized on the same day.

Life is still tough and maybe even tougher but we are still here. But looking back, she was always there and actually Jesus was there, all the time since the beginning.

Recent years I’ve been working on my Japanese roots and Christian faith and combining them together as an art form. We will be able to release it soon. (Next year hopefully)

We legally registered our marriage in August 2006. I don’t talk about modern Japanese society thing and life in here. It was just a document thing but we thought it was a good time to do that. But it means our 14 years anniversary, at the same time it’s our 25 years life together.

It’s a bit awkward to write about our personal thing in English language, because many people don’t know the culture thing and life reality here in modern Japan. Or our reality we’ve been dealing with. No one will understand, for that matter. But our love and relationship is true. Time will tell and I think it has already told.

We are not like a typical couple and we probably will never be.
But it’s amazing how I’m still in love with this woman and how much happiness we have in life. I can’t describe. We feel ridiculously young inside because we have this teenage passion with us.

It’s a personal thing and personally I don’t always like posting this kind of personal things on the internet (I’m an old type Japanese male). But if you ask us, we can say we are very happy. And if you ask me, I can say life is amazing.


Thank you very much for everything.
God bless and Jesus be with you.


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