“Kyujo Reppu” throw back video


This is a throw back music video from 2004.

Imari Tones, now known as “The First Christian Metal band from Japan”, was first formed as a band in 2004. (Even though Tone’s solo recording history goes further back in time.)

We were NOT a Christian band back then.
The music we were playing was more of “Japanese Alternative Pop Rock” sort of thing.

But I’m still proud of it.
I think, “Hero of the Light”, the album we made with our first lineup [Tone, Haratti, Minetti] is one of the best albums from Imari Tones, especially from a standpoint of “Japanese Rock”.
It was the first “Golden Era” of Imari Tones, so to speak.


Some years ago I found some old “video tapes” in our archive. Back then there was no such thing as smart phone. And we didn’t film our shows often. I saved those videos in digital format and always wanted to make some music video using those footage from old days.

So here it is.
This song, “Kyujo Reppu” (丘上烈風) is one of the first songs we worked on as a band. And it’s a very important song for us.

It’s got fresh energy. It’s got emotion. It also has some “alternative” vibe from mid-noughties era.


Hopefully we can show you some more stuff from our archive once in a while.

Enjoy the vibe of Japanese underground rock!


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