The Wave music video

We have posted it on Facebook and Twitter already,
but we have made a music video for “The Wave”.

It’s a key song from “Jesus Wind” album.
This song is a “turning point” in the story of the concept album. After this song, the story starts to move towards future and get heavy and dramatic.

This is a song about the Earthquake and Tsunami happened in Japan in 2011.
Inevitably, it also tells you about the nuclear power plant incident in Fukushima.

It’s not a happy song and that is why we haven’t played it live very often.

That said, it’s also true this is one of the best and heaviest song from “Jesus Wind”. We are very proud of the sound we have achieved with this song.

It’s a “homemade” music video, just like we alwayd did.
But it turned out well and we hope you enjoy it.

This is probably the “last single” and last music video from “Jesus Wind” album.

After this, we have some announcement to make and we are going to make some new moves.
So stay tuned.

Perhaps things will be “emotional” for a while, but we are going to release new songs from our next “Overture” album, which is very emotional music.

Meanwhile, you can buy “Jesus Wind” on Bandcamp and CDbaby, if you haven’t got it yet.

“Jesus Wind” on Bandcamp

“Jesus Wind” on CDbaby

Thank you very much and God bless you all!!


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