“fireworks” on Spotify and iTunes.

If you know it, we have a long history of making music independently.
Back in 2005, our little band was on a temporary hiatus gigging wise but it was actually a very productive year recording wise.

We just uploaded one of the albums recorded in 2005 to Spotify, iTunes and other digital outlets. The album is called “fireworks”.

All songs were sung in Japanese language.
Surely it was an album we made BEFORE we became a Christian band. But we believe it is still full of “inspirations”, as the leading song “Sirase Kitaru” was actually a song about prophecy and salvation coming true.

This year we are planning to upload more of these “past” albums. Probably we will re-mix some songs, or even some additional song. (Surely we can change our “past”.)

So stay tuned. Check us out on Spotify and give it a listen!

もしご存知であれば、私たちImari Tonesは、長くインディペンデントに音楽を作り続けてきた歴史があります。






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