Matsubarako Vibration Jam Movie

[Full Length Live Movie]
Last year September 2015, we played “Matsubarako Vibration Jam” that was a “Christian Rock Festival” that took place at Matsubarako Bible Camp, Nagano prefecture, Japan.
The organizer was saying it was the first ever “Christian Rock” festival in Japan. I think probably he was right, because, even though we have some “Gospel music” concerts in Japan, there had not been an event which focused on “Christian Rock” like this. Headliner was Saluki, which was natural if you know how popular they are in Japanese Christian community. But we played 2nd headliner slot, that was actually a big honor for us. And we did an awesome show.
In the past, we played several Christian Festivals and Conferences in USA. But we never thought it would be possible in Japan. So we were very happy to be a part of this Matsubarako Vibration Jam, because it totally ROCKED!!
So finally, we posted a movie of this concert on YouTube. It’s, well, very long 70-minutes-set. I know not everyone has time to watch the whole thing. But if you want to see us live, even though we can’t do a world tour every year, this is the next best thing.
Thank you very much to everyone involved in this awesome festival, including fellow Christian Rockers, Bikers, Pastors and Believers. And last but not least, thank you very much to Mr.Nobu for planning, organizing the festival and making this whole thing happen.
May God bless you all and Jesus be with you!!
Set List
1: The Concept
2: Testimony
3: Dying Prophet
4: Unlimit
5: Jesus Train
6: Living Water (Japanese version)
7: Saints Seeking Salvation
8: Bushido
9: Karma Flower (Japanese version)
10: Jee-You
11: Faith Rider



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