Video Upload Week 5

Finally, we finished uploading all the movies using the last year material.
Since we came back from the last year tour, we had so many things going on in our personal life. We had to face those things. It was something we had to face and now we have answers. We are getting ready to take the next step and go strong.
Here is the music video of the song “Testimony”.
This was the first track of the album called “Victory In Christ”.
Spiritual wise and Faith wise, that album “Victory In Christ” is still our best album. It’s not really a “modern” metal album. Sometimes it sounds more like “indie rock” rather than “heavy metal”. But that’s our music. We are a garage pop rock band who’s wearing a heavy metal mask. (By now you probably know that?)
Next video is from our “high school” performance during the last year The Extreme Tour. It was a high school gig in Montana.
Playing a high school gym is, kind of like playing a big arena. Soundwise, it’s not really good venue, but it was fun. We felt just a bit like a big band playing an arena concert. I hope you can feel the fun, too.
The last video is from our last gig on the last year tour.
It was indoor gig at Great Falls MT.
Sound issue, too much bass in the movie, but it was a blessed gig.
We feel happy when our music make you smile.
Thank you for all the people there enjoy our music.
And we really want to say to each of you, thank you very much for finding us.
We are an unknown independent band from Japan.
We didn’t choose a popular path. We don’t play J-Pop. We don’t play cookie-cutter heavy metal. We play, Christian-J-Pop-Indie-Garage-Metal, so to speak. Our music is not for everyone. But we play our music for someone who needs hope, faith and love. Because we ourselves need those things.
So thank you very much for finding us.
Sharing songs on YouTube is fun.
Making videos for YouTube is fun, even though they are home made style movies.
We have so many songs on our catalog, including our “Before Christian / Japanese alternative pop band” era. Maybe we want to upload more of those Japanese language songs. We are not sure if you guys will appreciate those Japanese language songs, but we will do it in a future.
I don’t know how long it will take. Not all of our songs are on iTunes yet. It will take some more time to get our music really out. But let us do it and give us some more time.
Because we came here to share our music and love.
Tak / Imari Tones



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