Newsletter – Tour Plan and Fundraising Project

Hi this is Tak from Imari Tones, Japanese Christian rock band.

How are you doing?

We are very busy working on our recording and touring plan.
Today, I will tell you about our current plan and also, our Fundraising project on

Believe it or not, we have come to a very important point in our music endeavour.

Now we are planning our 3rd USA visit / touring.
We have to make it successful and we have to get some chance to open the next door in our music career. And it looks like we will have some opportunities there.
Those are very rare opportunities for Japanese bands like us.
So I guess we are lucky. We thank God for that:)

Here are things we are planning.

Recording plan is under way between us and our friends in Dallas TX and we are going to record some songs there when we visit Dallas in April. We are going to do it with a notable Christian music producer, which will be a great opportunity for us. Fingers crossed!

We are planning to attend some Christian music seminar/conference in Nashville. An independent Christian tour organizer gave us that opportunity. It will be great if we can get together and connect with some music industry people and fellow Christian musicians there. At this point not sure yet but we may also have a opportunity to play a showcase there. It will also be a great opportunity, if it happens.
It reminds me of the last scene of the movie called Wayne’s World, back in early 90s, in which Chinese girl sings at an audition that her boyfriend has set up. Something like that, yeh? (Mmm…maybe I’m wrong.)

3:Fundraising at
Actually this is the thing we want to tell you most in this newsletter.
We started a “Crowdfunding” project on website called, to raise money for this upcoming tour.

Yes, we need your help, honestly. is a very interesting, new way to connect musicians and fans through fundraising project. If we reach the goal we recieve the money but if we don’t reach the goal then no money transaction happens.
We can give you free downloads, CDs, T-shirts, and we will even write a song for you if the fundraising is successful.

So please check it out here on!!

Watch the video and “make a pledge”!!

Honestry, it’s a kind of hard decision for us to give a try to this kind of fundraising project. However, whether this fundraising itself would be successful or not is not so important for us. Most important thing for us is to connect with you and reach as many people so that more people will get to know about us and Japanese Christian situation.

So please help us and SPREAD THE WORD, even if you will donate or not.

And if you pledge as little as $1, we really appreciate it. It’s a big help for us!

For the detail of Kickstarter and Crowdfunding, please see this page.

4:Tour schedule

Okay, so here is our exciting tour schedule!
(Though some things need to be confirmed yet.)

(And booking process still under way. If you know some good place for us to play, pleaes let us know!)

April 22 Friday, Headhunters, Austin TX
April 23 Saturday, The Moon, Fort Worth TX
April 26 Tuesday, Super Happy Fun Land, Houston TX
April 29 Friday, Music City Bar, Nashville TN
May 1 Sunday, Hamilton Pointe Church, Hixson TN
May 8 Sunday, Crossroads Church and Ministries, New Castle DE
May 13 Friday, Clash Bar, Clifton NJ
May 14 Saturday, GoodByeBlueMonday, Brooklyn NY
May 15 Sunday, Church concert in Long Island area NY (TBA)

Well, that’s all so far.
We are still talking with some other venues.
We have to book some more shows here and there….
(Mmm…I have to work on it next week.)

Life is tough for everybody.
It’s even tougher if you are an independent musician by any chance.
Recently I talked with our friends and fellow Japanese Christian musicians about Japanese Christian situation.
Hope we have a chance to share it with you.
Well, if only we can translate it into English….

Thank you very much, keep in touch, and God bless!

Tak “Tone” Nakamine
Imari Tones
“The First Christian Heavy Metal from Japan”

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