New Recording Blueprint

Hi, this is Tak from IMARI TONES.

After we came back from the USA tour in April 2009, next thing we did is to plan a new recording.
We could plan another tour, we could plan joining some festival, we could plan a new marketing scheme, but we thought we have to create another record first.

Why? Because the Lord gave us some new ideas!
We know we should create More Christian, More Beautiful, More Rockn’Roll album.

So we want you to know what we are working on now.

Here is the blueprint.

“God Rocks” (Temporary Title)

1. Testimony
2. Precious
3. A Girl in the Mirror
4. Oriental Worship
5. One on One
6. I Want a Revival

7. God Kids
8. The Wandering Savior
9. Simple
10. A Bow and an Arrow
11. Love is to do something no one dares to do
12. Forget

13. Faith Rider

It looks good, doesn’t it?
We are now doing reharsals hard.
We are going to start recording as soon as we’re ready and we expect the completion early next year (2010), before Spring.
That’s when we are going to start our full-scale attack!

We can’t wait to share these songs with you all!!

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