“Welcome To The School” and Free download

Hi this is Tak “Tone” from IMARI TONES.

Today we have some updates.

1.”Welcome To The School”, now available on iTunes store.
Yeah, that’s it.
“Only One Wish”, “He’s Still With Us”, “i love you, now ur on your own”, those songs now you can download to your audio player.

And here is the link.

Also available on amazonmp3, emusic, and other.
Please wait a little bit more for physical CDs.

2.”First Pop” free download available
Actually you don’t even have to pay.
“Fist Pop”, this is one of our favorite song.
I don’t know why but people from Microsoft Windows are doing some music distributing program and because of that, you can download this song for free.
I don’t know how long they’re gonna run this program, so download it while you can!!


3.We are writing new songs
We are already taking a next step ahead.
Many songs and lyrics already written.
And our next work will be MUCH MORE Christian.
We hope we can record those songs somewhere in the rest of this year.

4.Internet Radio
Yes, after we came back from our tour in USA, our days here in Japan are full of fun.
because now we are making friends with many Christian Musicians here in Tokyo.
Actually this year it’s been 150 years since Protestant Christianity arrived in Japan.
Yeah it’s time to change. We are ready.
And in this internet radio program, I’m having fun with some of those gospel musicians.

“Tone’s Shall We Talk About Love”
May Guest: Saluki (Christian Rockn’Roll)
June Guest: Kaori Yamamoto (Gospel Singer)
July Guest: ISA (Bossa nova gospel singer) (Will be uploaded on July 23rd)

Check it out here, only if you understand Japanese….

We are gigging around Tokyo this summer.
So check us out!

July 18th
Shibuya Club Asia P

July 20th
Yokohama, Sakuragicho Station
Scheduled around 2PM

July 25th
Chiba, Motoyawata Route Fourteen

August 13th
Sangenjaya Heavens Door

August 28th
Chiba, Motoyawata Third Stage

September 23th
Shin Okubo Suizokukan

That’s all for today!
Thank you and God bless you all!!

IMARi ToNES (Japan)

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