Bad News, Atlanta show cancelled

Hi this is Tak “Tone” from IMARi ToNES, Japan.
A bad news, really sorry to tell you this but our show in Atlanta, scheduled on April 11, was cancelled due to the venue closing down. Mmm… it looks like economy is really bad all around the world.

We are now looking for another venue but there is only little time left.
Anyway we will try our best.


Taking this opportunity,
Can I tell you one more thing we want you to know at this time?

Last year we recorded our first Christian theme album “Welcome To The School”.
And earlier this year, we signed with Empty Vessel Music.
It’s a cool Christian record label who is trying to do good causes in society.

We don’t want to keep you waiting, and it’s easy for us to release the record on iTunes and CDbaby, but please wait.
Because Empty Vessel Music is non profit label trying to make a difference and they have their plan.
They sure will release our music sooner or later.

We will notify you when it happens!


Thank you,
Hope my English is correct and….God Bless!


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