We are Imari Tones -2024 USA tour


Hi everyone! We are Imari Tones from Japan.

We are one of a kind Christian heavy metal band from Japan. If you don’t know, Christianity is very small in Japan. It is said that only 1% of Japan’s population is Christian. Playing Christian heavy metal in such a place was unthinkable…. until we started doing it! We proudly call ourselves “The first Christian heavy metal band from Japan”!!!

We started playing “Christian metal” in 2008. Since then, we made so much music. So many albums and songs. It has been an exciting journey!


For a starter, here is our newest music video. It’s an anime song. (Opening theme for “Bearly Biblical” anime)


Here are 3 things we want to show you today.


1 – We release “The Best Of” album soon!! (pre-order is already on)

“That Christian Metal Band from Japan – The Best of Imari Tones”

(Official release date: 21 June 2024)

This is a selection of our very best songs! They are the favorite songs of ours we’ve been playing live for years. This is the definitive album for all the people who love hard rocking music!!!


Streaming Link (Spotify, Apple Music, and others)


CDs available on Bandcamp (The best place to buy indie music!)



2 – We will be touring in the USA in July 2024 (Texas and some other places)

It’s been a while since we visited the South USA last time… Touring is always hard for an indie band, but we decided to do this! Please come and see us!!!😆


Current Tour Dates

“Faith Journey 2024 – Texas and more”

July 5 Friday – Houston TX – Super Happy Fun Land
July 7 Sunday – Dallas TX – ICC Dallas (Church worship)
July 8 Monday – Dallas TX – Three Links Deep Ellum
July 11 Thursday – Austin TX – Carousel Lounge
July 12 Friday – San Antonio TX – Fitzgerald’s
July 14 Sunday – Chattanooga TN – Revive Church (Church concert)
July 16 Tuesday – Erie PA – Philly On The Rocks
July 17 Wednesday – Erie PA – Philly On The Rocks (Shinryu martial arts workshop)
July 18 Thursday – Bowling Green OH – Vineyard Church BG (Church concert)



Wanna hear more…? (Music videos below)

If you listen to “The Best Of” and want to hear more, here’s some albums you should check out. (These are the Bandcamp links but yes they are on Spotify, too)


– “Jesus Wind”
A concept album about Japanese Christian history. It’s a very deep, spiritual heavy metal album.


– “Victory In Christ”
We consider it “the real first album” by Imari Tones as a Christian band. It has very fresh energy and pure inspiration.


– “Nabeshima”
Very ambitious double album. Sung in Japanese and English half and half. Some songs are based on Japanese traditional music. Musically it goes across so many styles but it screams Japanese spirit from start to finish.



3 – Please support us!!!

We are musicians and entertainers. But at the same time, we are a Christian ministry passionate to spread God’s word. We are serious about spreading God’s Love, as we are rocking hard for “The One who is the Rock”.

If you want to support us financially, please use this PayPal link.

(Sent to Takahiro Nakamine)

(Wow thank you very much! Because touring is very tough for an indie band like us!) – (Buying our CDs and Tshirts on Bandcamp helps us so much)




And finally here’s some of our music videos!!! (and there’s so many more on our YouTube channel)

We hope you enjoy!




Here’s our social links (linktree)



Thank you very much!!
God bless you,
and see you soon😇

– Imari Tones (Japan)


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