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Drummer / Martial Artist / Karate and Aiki teacher
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The road to be a Master is very long. You might think it just takes 5 minutes to play a song but it requires decades of training to play it right.


Shinryu (進龍) is a heavy metal drummer, but at the same time he is a martial artist who has great skills in Karate, Aiki, and Ko-ryu.
He is a founder of “Zero-method Self Defense Technique”(零護身術). He owns his Dojo in Tokyo and there he is doing hard trainings while he teaches his disciples.

His Zero-method technique is a mixture of Aiki, Okinawa Karate, and modern combat techniques. It has its focus on actual effectiveness in danger rather than looking good or competitive ability as a sport.


It’s a bit ironic Shinryu has been in music playing business which is all about being flashy, especially when you consider his hardcore side as a martial artist.

However, Imari Tones is a band that shows Japanese spirit to the world.
With the release of “Nabeshima” album, Imari Tones is playing metal music with Japanese traditional essence. It takes a heart of Bushido to play this music.
With his Samurai spirit and martial arts skills, he is a godsend for the band.


Inspired by 1980’s and 1990’s rock music, Shinryu started playing drums when he was a teenager. He was playing in a Neo Classical metal band for a long time, but eventually he started his own Dojo and became a Karate teacher.

He plays drums as if he was fighting. He throws his deadly fast fill-ins at most unexpected timings and leaves listeners in awe.

He is also able to play polyrhythms and odd time signatures with ease, living up to his namesake as “progressive dragon” (進龍).


As a martial artist, his sole and ultimate goal is to be a Master, in all senses of body, soul, and technique.
This is not only true for his martial arts, but also for his drumming.

He is a real Samurai in the modern world. But he has two opposite things in his life. One is “武” (Bu – to fight) and the other is “演”(En – to perform).
However these two things become one in Imari Tones.
It is very certain that he will be the main force to bring Imari Tones to another level.



Favorite Bands:
MR.BIG, Racer X, Dream Theater

Favorite Drummers:
Pat Torpey, Gregg Bissonette, Matt Sorum




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