Recording Nabeshima finished



On 28th February, we finished recording all the material for our special “Nabeshima” album. The last thing I did was singing “Iroha-uta”, the ancient Japanese poetry.

Admittedly, I have sacrificed many things to make this album, including our long time lineup (Tone, Hassy, Jake) that ended in 2018.

Now that “tracking/recording” is done, we will go on to Editing/Mixing stage. There are still so many things to sort out in order to release this special album.

But to me, this is a new start.
Now we can get out of the studio and make some new moves. We can start communicating with the world again.
We will get back on the journey to conquer the world with our music.
Free at last. That’s the word that came to my mind.


This picture shows the humble collection of gear we used to make “Nabeshima”. (Just for the love of the gear nerd)
Most of them are inexpensive used equipments we have acquired in the last couple of years just to make this album.
I think once again we can prove that you don’t need a million dollar budget to make great music.


See you soon.
Because we will start something new!

Tak “Tone” Nakamine / Imari Tones


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