Live movies and recording

If you check our YouTube channel, recently we have posted some movies from our live shows we did in the last 3~4 months.


Together with the full show video from Sunza Festival already posted, you can see/hear what we sound like with our current lineup.



Last year we were just starting out with the new lineup and playing mostly older songs from our catalog.
That was something necessary for us to become solid as a band first.

But this year we are going to start playing new songs.
To do that, we will take some preparation time rehearsing in the studio.
Probably we will come back and start going out and gigging again in Summer.

We will come back with more awesome sound and more awesome songs.
I’m hoping we will have a big impact in Japanese music scene.
I’m hoping things will be better and better!


At the same time, as you may already know, we (or I) are currently working relentlessly on the “NABESHIMA” album.

Now I’m in the midst of vocal recording process.



Trust me. This “Nabeshima” album will be the most important thing we have ever done. It is awesome. More than awesome.

Once we finish making this album, we are gonna start new things. Because this will change many things in our lives.

Please pray we can complete Nabeshima album according to God’s Will.

It’s an album about Japanese culture, Japanese traditional music, heavy metal, rock’n’roll, Christianity and Jesus. Hybrid album with Japanese and English language mixed.

This is the best thing we can do for our country Japan.


Thank you very much!

In Christ,


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