nothing changes because God never changes

This is a bit out of context for this band website but
here is translation of what I just wrote on my Japanese blog, in context of political turmoil after the declaration of emergency by Japanese government. It’s just a little string of words because I think people are so tired by now.


“nothing changes because God never changes”

Maybe it’s time for me to focus on what God does rather than what the government does.
(We are doing good. Thanks. I think we are lucky.)

Because while the Government can do so little, God can do everything.

In fact God has given so much to me, He still does.
No matter how I look, I’m so full of blessings from Him.

I’m worried about our society, our politics, our country and our world. But there is very little I can do about them.
So I give them to God.
Because it’s too heavy.
It’s like hurting myself when I think of politics.

Of course, don’t forget to raise your voice.
Don’t stop making efforts.
In spite of the tough situation, I still believe in democracy. I believe deep in my heart that political situation in this country is getting better.
As long as people are making noise.
Making noise with their own voices.

Don’t stop those noises, sounds and voices.
I like it loud. I like it noisy.

When I think of it, the government has never been good enough as long as I can remember.
You can’t expect it to behave better all of a sudden.
It takes time to change.

The politics in this country is third rate.
However I grew up in this country, supported by people, culture and history of Japan.
Our culture is first rate and we have first rate people.
I don’t believe in politics of this country but I believe in people of Japan.
That’s enough to me.

My friend,
even if you lose hope in politics or system,
don’t lose your hope in God.
Don’t lose your hope in people.
Because those are the things you can really depend on.

With Love.


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