Heavy Metal Church Vol.1 Blessed!


Thank you very much for “Heavy Metal Church” concert and church service last Saturday (October 28th)!!!

For the first time in Japan.
It was something new. It was exciting.


Thank you to all the people supported us.
Thank you to all the people attended the event.
Thank you to all the people watched the livestream.


We did a livestream on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
For video quality, Facebook was nice but it seems like YouTube got the best sound this time.

(If you missed the event, we recommend watching the archive on YouTube. Here – https://www.youtube.com/live/G9DdZ2n4kd0 )


Tak did metal guitar worship.
We prayed “Lord’s Prayer” with a heavy metal sound.
We Imari Tones did a very good show. (in spite of some technical issues here and there.) We played “Sonic Soldiers” for the first time live, even if it was half the song.
Pastor Ogino (Michio Ogino – metalhead pastor) gave a great sermon. He told people about the history of heavy metal. His message theme was “Is heavy metal a music of the devil?”. It was a very interesting and inspiring message.
During the sermon, musicians played Megadeth song on the spot. It was almost a miracle.
Shinichi Ohara (ex.Soul Of Faith) gave a very passionate and powerful performance.
The Spicky Heads were downright awesome. They were AWESOME.
Funky Sunday Party (Scott and Shinryu) were a party and celebration.


What a blessed night!

A lot of people (well, at least the church was full!) came and it was great to meet all the people.


This is the start of a great thing.
We will continue working on this dream. “To build a heavy metal church in Japan”.
Some good things we will start from here.


Next time? We will do this at an underground music venue.
Heavy metal church service at metal/hardcore/punk music venue.
March 30th Saturday, at El Puente, Yokohama. We are planning something good.


For now, here are some photos of us.
Photo credit: Shinichi Ohara (photoshin)


Thank you very much for everything.
Thank you Jesus for Rock’n’roll.
God is awesome!!!


ヘヴィメタル・チャーチ Vol.1 Genesis



2024年3月30日(土) 西横浜 El Puente

ぜひ僕たち「伊万里音色(Imari Tones)」









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