Guitar Tracks Done! (CBA recording update)




[Recording Update]

We (I mean, mostly Tak, in this case) have finished recording guitar tracks for the new album.
Tak finished recording all the guitar tracks on October 21st. That is 12 songs and 11 guitar solos. Actual recording took only 5 days but preparation took more time since the beginning of October.


We are very thankful for this opportunity.
After the fire incident at the apartment building that happened in June, Tak&Marie came to this church and they allowed us to record the new album here.

It was such a great blessing. Again let me say thank you to all the people who gave us warm support. Thank you very much for your support and prayer.


As a guitar player, this is a dream come true for me.
As an indie band, we always had a limited facility for recording. We were always using whatever equipment available at rehearsal studios and such. We always dreamed about having our own studio, our own place, where we could spread our wings and make our own sound.

However this time, we had the church and we could use it as a recording studio.

Because we could use our own equipment, guitars, amps, microphones, and we could take time to get the right sound for each song.

We were given this environment and I can’t explain how awesome this opportunity was.


The result… this album is something special. This is a very happy album and I think we nailed the happy vibe of 1980’s hard rock.


Up next: Vocal tracks.
Again at this church, we have a very good environment for singing. (I’m wanting to post some movies from the demo recording session.) I’m certain that we can record some of the most epic vocal performances in our career.


Before that, we have an important event coming up.
That is, our first ever “Heavy Metal Church” event.

Again, this wouldn’t have happened without your help. We are very thankful for God’s guidance. Because even when bad things happen, God turns them into good things.




Heavy Metal Church event (Japan) vol.1 Genesis
Location: Asao Christ Church (Kawasaki, Japan)
Date: October 28th Saturday 5pm JAPAN TIME (5pm-8pm)

Church address
2-9-1 Yurigaoka, Asao-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan

Prayer time
Shinichi Ohara (acoustic/ssw)
Imari Tones (heavy metal/hard rock)
The Spicky Heads (punk)
Pastor Message (Pastor Ogino / metal pastor)
Funky Sunday Party (pop/southern rock)

We (Imari Tones) play the 2nd slot. We dedicate our performance to God because it’s a church service. (It’s still a show but we want to make it a worship.)

Live streaming:
We are going to livestream the event on Imari Tones’ facebook page, Instagram, and possibly YouTube if we can. (Archive will be available)


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