“The Garden” Video Premiere



We will release a New Music Video on January 21 Friday

(January 21nd, 6AM Japan time that would be Thursday Night for most of you due to the time difference?)


We decided to set the date and notify everyone like this, because this is a very special song and video.


We did a video shooting last month (December 2021) and the result is very very good.

It’s the most beautiful song we have ever written.
And it’s the most dramatic movie we have ever made.


The song is called “The Garden”.
It’s a song from our latest album “Nabeshima”.

It’s a love song.
A love song in heaven & on earth


It will be posted on our YouTube channel.

Please subscribe.


We are gonna make it a hit.
It IS a hit.


We probably will post commentary video, explanation articles and stuff, because it’s a difficult song to understand. It’s not your typical love song. Nor it’s not your typical Christian song.

It’s a spiritual love song, not only between man and woman, but also between mankind and God.

It’s actually a very personal song based on personal experience.

But we believe it’s a Christian love song.
Now we know it’s a song about salvation.


Teaser movie coming soon.


Here are some photos from the movie.
We made them for video promotion.

They are beautiful, aren’t they?




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