Popular YouTuber on Christianity in Japan



So it happened.
Some popular YouTuber has interviewed us and featured us in one of his videos.

The YouTuber “Nobita from Japan” is making movies about Japan, social issues and people’s concerns in Japan, for the world audience to know. I think he is making many movies about real life in Japan.

He has made some movies about Christianity in the past, too.
And for some reasons, we were featured in his new video.


Me (Tak) and Marie were interviewed.
Koji was unable to join due to his shoulder issue. (Just like we have announced before.)

But we played a special song with temporary 2-piece style.
We played “God Anthem” from just-finished “Nabeshima” album. It’s a Japanese traditional sounding Christian song. Actually it’s based on Japanese national anthem.

It’s just short footage and not a full song. But I think you can enjoy it.


Some of our friends, such as Mr.Kei Aso (one of our Christian musician friends, he was a member of very popular Japanese band back in the day) and Mr.Kazuhiko Yamazaki-Ransom Ph.D (he is a theology doctor who writes many Christian books and is one of the few Japanese pastors who really loves metal music), are featured in the movie.


Honestly it’s a really good documentary movie about Christianity and the spiritual situation, social situation and religion general in Japan.

If you want to know what it’s like to be a Christian in Japan, or how Japanese Christian people are feeling in their life, this movie will give you some good idea.

Thank you very much to Mr.Nobita for making this video.
Hopefully thing like this will change the situation for the better.
We are honored to be a part of this.


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