New Lineup Announcement Video!! ex.Anthem drummer!?(Black Hole to be exact)

Here is a message movie introducing our new lineup.


Also please refer to the press release we issued a couple of days ago, if you have’t checked it yet.


It’s official!
Since the departure of the long time bassist Hassy and the drummer Jake, Tak, guitarist&singer, has been looking for the right direction for the next, but here we are with the new lineup.

Marie, the new bassist, has been playing with Tak in his side project “Atsuki Ryo with Jesus Mode”. She is a passionate supporter of Christian Metal and has strong faith in Jesus.

Koji, the new drummer, is a veteran from the early days of Japanese heavy metal. He was playing in a band called Black Hole, a band that would eventually be known as Anthem, one of the biggest heavy metal bands in Japan.

With this new lineup, Imari Tones is more metal than ever. We are going to inherit the legacy of Japanese heavy metal and give you the ultimate Japanese Christian metal.

Stay tuned!!

For more information about the new lineup, visit our website.


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