Faith in NFT (literally)


Who thought our “Christian Samurais” NFT project was still on?
(I didn’t, for a fact)

But here it is.
We’ve got an update and I talked with the tech company.


And good news.
Because now this NFT project is much more awesome.

We had a discussion and decided to focus more on Christian message.

We decided to put “Christian Testimony” in our NFT.


And who will give the Testimony and Message?

YOU do.
You can put your testimony and message when you buy (mint) them.


This is a “message in a bottle”.

Imagine writing a letter.
Put your testimony on it. How you love God. How you met God. How God changed your life. Your faith, your testimony.
It’s a message to someone far away. Maybe a message for the future.

That “message” is written in a NFT.
And it will float around forever.
On the crypto world, on the metaverse, on the internet.

(So you better take it seriously. Make it positive. Don’t write a joke or something ridiculous.)


Since the beginning, I didn’t want our NFT project to be a money game.

Many people think about money, when they see NFTs.
But money don’t have real value, even though we act like it does.

Our real value is faith.


Do you think they look good?
For these sample images, we put 1st chapter of John’s Gospel. So far we can put 650 letters and it can be in any language. I think you can put your favorite Bible verses.

Maybe they look funny.
But now I’m much happier with this NFT project.


So here’s the deal.

“Let’s put our testimony and faith message in these NFTs, and spread them around the world.”

It’s one big “message bottle” party, with Christian faith.
(And yes, we believe in you.)

Are you excited?


I’m excited.

Honestly I was somewhat skeptical about this NFT thing all along.
But for the first time, I feel genuinely happy and excited about this.


And here’s one more good news.
The price will be very friendly.
The tech company suggested the price would be under $10.

This time for real, we are in the final stage of preparation and getting ready for the release.


Are you in?

If you are interested, here’s the form you can fill in. (It’s just a newsletter.)
Put your email, name, and country you are in.
And we will keep you updated about the release.


Thank you very much!
Now let’s pray.
And please pray for the success and God’s guidance!



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