New EP (Dakeno Kakari)


New release alert!

It’s not Imari Tones though.

It’s a new EP from “Dakeno Kakari”, our side project.


Dakeno Kakari’s 2nd EP, titled “Hypothesis”, will be released soon.
Actually it’s already released on Bandcamp.


“Dakeno Kakari” is a side project by Tone & Marie.
It’s a project where we play something other than heavy metal and hard rock.

With Dakeno Kakari, we play music such as indie rock, indie pop, and acoustic music. But there really is no limit.


Last year Dakeno Kakari released their 1st EP.
However that was based on materials published on Imari Tones’ Patreon page (2020-2021).

But this 2nd EP contains all new songs.
That makes it a real debut for Dakeno Kakari.


2 music videos are already posted on YouTube.

Magic Now

This songs is a musical statement from Dakeno Kakari.
A little experimental, but I think you will be amazed.



This is probably our favorite song. Retro and dreamy. We’ve been playing this song at our acoustic gigs for last couple of years.


These are not necessarily Christian songs, but “Hypothesis” has some positive lyrics and message.


Oh, talking about the video, we also posted a music video for Dakeno’s 1st EP.

This song is called “Changing Sky”.
In 2021, we made English version on our Patreon page but this is Japanese version. And it has a hint of Christian message, because the song lyrics are based on “Serenity Prayer”.


Finally, this is the streaming link for the new EP.
It will be released on Spotify on March 10th, 2023.


However, just like I said earlier, it’s already available on Bandcamp.

(Quite frankly, please buy it on Bandcamp! Because making music is tough!😉)


Last but not least, please subscribe to Dakeno Kakari’s YouTube channel!! (Because we have just started)


Thank you very much!!!



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