New Singles &EP Soon

Hello from Imari Tones, Japanese Christian rock band!!

We will release 2 new singles.
They are called “Bloody Messiah” and “One Sheep”.

Here is what they look like. Aren’t they cute?



The story is like this.
This year 2020, we have made so much music.

We finally finished “Nabeshima” album, on which we had been working for years.
We recorded Monthly Songs for our Patreon project since July.
We even made 4 songs EP for our new side project (secret, secret).
Also we are preparing for the release of The Best Album, for which the remastering job is already finished.

However we could not release those albums right away, because we are so slow at business.
We wanted to put something out for the 2020. Because.. everyone needs a message of hope in the tough situation, right?


That is why we decided to record an “Acoustic EP” very quick.

The EP, titled “Bloody Acoustics” will be released on 18th December.


Before that, we will release 2 singles.

Please pre-save/pre-order in Spotify/iTunes/other-stores. That will help us shine in the streaming game of music world.

Here is the link to pre-save.


This EP “Bloody Acoustics” is a Japanese record.
This is not heavy metal music, because it’s an acoustic EP.
But we are happy to have another Japanese record after our 2018 album “Overture”. This is our faith message to our Japanese friends.

We hope you will like it.
For now, please be excited and don’t forget to pre-save/pre-order!


Thank you very much.
Have a blessed holiday season and stay safe!
God bless you all.

Tak “Tone” Nakamine / Imari Tones (Japan)

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