LION ROAR ft. Brinson

Very special video for a very special song!!
“LION ROAR” featuring Brinson
Christian Rap and Japanese Heavy Metal


(Video edited by Shinichi Ohara


I have posted about this collaboration a while back, but it’s finally up!

Collaboration between Imari Tones, Japanese Christian metal band, and Brinson GodChaserz, Florida based American Christian rapper.

This project started in summer 2019, when Tak (singer/guitarist from Imari Tones) and Brinson had a little session in a studio in Yokohama city. After 2 hours of session we had a song written.
It took some time to complete the song and the video but here is the result.

It’s a collaboration between USA and Japan, HipHop and Metal, singing in two different languages. But we have same faith in Jesus Christ. Doing it together for the glory of God.

Check it out and you will be amazed!!


Well, I have met Brinson some years ago. Probably when he was just starting as a Christian rap artist. I can’t believe how fast time flies.

We always had this mutual respect even though we had different background, played different music genre in different places.
We have talked about collaboration many times but it didn’t actually happen until Brinson visited Japan in summer 2019.

It was a hot summer day and we had a little session in a rehearsal place in Yokohama. We invited some friends and we jammed. It’s amazing we wrote this song on the spot. After a couple of hours we had this amazing song.

It took us some more time to complete the song, recording additional tracks and sounds. But it was all worth.


This is not just a mixture of Rock and Rap.
This is a collision and a fusion of different cultures, different music styles and different languages but with the same faith.
Once again we have proven that we can break those barriers down.
Only if we have faith we can move mountains. Because God is bigger and more powerful than anything else.

I hope this music helps people unite in this age of separation.

Tak / Imari Tones


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